Red Socks Appeal

There are over 25,000 people in Australia living with kidney failure. There is no cure. Dialysis or kidney transplantation are needed to stay alive.

This October our Kidney Community needs your support by joining a Red Socks Walk, registering your Red Socks Virtual Challenge, or buying a pair of Red Socks to proudly wear to raise vital funds to fight kidney disease.

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Meet our Ambassador, Michala Banas

We’re excited to introduce our Kidney Health Australia Ambassador for the Red Socks Appeal, Michala Banas.

At the age of 6, Michala had most of her left kidney removed in a life-saving operation. She was born with a duplicated ureter (the tube from the kidney to the bladder), that wasn’t discovered until her body had nearly poisoned itself to death.

“Kidney health is something I absolutely don’t take for granted,” said Michala.

Michala is keen to shine a light on kidney disease and is urging Australians to support the Red Socks Appeal in October.

There are many ways to show you care

Red Socks Walk

Join a walk in Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide. Join or host a community walk in your local area.

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Red Socks Challenge

Go on a challenge of your own and become a Sockstar to show you care.

How It Works

Buy Red Socks

Buy a pair of Kidney Health Red Socks and proudly show you care this October.

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Donate Now

Search for a Sockstar and donate to their page to help them reach their fundraising goal!

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What do Red Socks have to do with kidney disease?

People on dialysis are strapped to a machine for 60 hours a month on average while it cleans their blood. While having dialysis treatment they often get cold, especially their feet. This is why we’re asking you to go bold this October and wear Red Socks to show people living with kidney disease that you care.



Red Socks Walks

Red Socks Challenge

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