Team Vifor Pharma

Our Red Socks Challenge for Kidney Health.

We are taking part in the Red Socks Challenge this October. 

Did you know that you can lose up to 90% of kidney function before having any symptoms. Once your kidneys reach failure, there is no cure. Dialysis or kidney transplant are the only options to stay alive. We’ll be pulling up our RED SOCKS for the 25,000 people who are currently living with kidney failure.  

Please donate to our page and you’ll be helping Kidney Health Australia not only support those living with kidney disease but help raise awareness of early detection and knowing your kidney risk. 

YOU can make a difference. Let us know if you want to join our team on the RED SOCKS CHALLENGE! 


Thank you to our Sponsors


James Mcdonnell


Vanessa Stevens

Proud to wear a pair of retro socks to show I care :-)


Devaki Maduwegedera


Anthony Anselmo


Karen Dwyer

You'll kick this goal out of the park! Thanks for supporting the Kidney Community.


Zakiya Kurdi


Bea Galbavy


Oula Olsen


Oula Olsen


Naomi Carbonari

Well done Oula for putting this out there. My father died dialysis and is always very cold... Imy heart goes out to these patients 💕