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My Red Socks Challenge for Kidney Health.

I am taking part in the Red Socks Challenge this October. 

Did you know that you can lose up to 90% of kidney function before having any symptoms. Once your kidneys reach failure, there is no cure. Dialysis or kidney transplant are the only options to stay alive. I’ll be pulling up my RED SOCKS for the 25,000 people who are currently living with kidney failure.  

Please donate to my page and you’ll be helping Kidney Health Australia not only support those living with kidney disease but help raise awareness of early detection and knowing your kidney risk. 

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to join me on my RED SOCKS CHALLENGE! 

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130kms down

Friday 22nd Oct
There is just over a week left in October and Coben and I have ridden 130kms. Though my last two rides have been without Coben due to schooling commitments. This fundraiser has been a good motivator to get me working on my fitness. Since Feb I have needed to put on around 10kgs after my surgery. This has been a fun process of not worrying about what I eat and just trying to load on the carbs. Now at 79kgs I am feeling the best that I have in about 5 years and now it's time to start working on fitness and rebuilding muscle definition. My goal is to get back into all the activities that I used to love before this illness began impacting energy levels and body functions. My desire is to be as fit as possible when I receive the call to say there is a perfectly matched kidney for me. Then post transplant I would like to fulfil my dream of paddling the Franklin River on my 1 year anniversary of my transplant. The Franklin is an iconic 8-10 day wilderness white water kayaking trip in Central West Tassie. This is a gigantic goal, however, all of you, my supporters are helping me see this into reality as I embark on this journey this October. Again thank you for the motivation to get through this challenge.

It's a mental game!

Tuesday 19th Oct
My initial motivation for doing the red socks appeal was to raise funds for Kidney Health Australia,  but also as a bit of an accountability to start to increase my fitness again. 
After starting on Dialysis, finding energy to do anything other than everyday tasks is quite the push. So when I put my target as 200km, I thought that would be a good baseline. 
Today after my ride, I was beat. I know it only shows 7km on the chart, I actually pushed out 20km again (I forgot to turn Strava back on after a break. Therefore making it 100km but I will still aim for the 200 on the board :)). It was a struggle more than the other and at times I felt that I coukycall Kristi to come pick me up cause I just didn't feel I could make it. I guess that is chronic illness for you. What you can do easily one day becomes near impossible the next without any explanation or reason. That is was chronic illness plays with your head so much. The mental game is just as important as the diet, the routine and the sacrifices, if not more so. Add to that the last 18 months of pandemic and the poor old emotional tank gets pretty empty. Good support networks are essential and I want to thank you that you are all a part of mine in one way or another.
Thank you for your support.

Lunch in Frankston

Friday 8th Oct
Today Coben and I decided to ditch home learning and have lunch with his cousin in Frankston. We decided to ride. 21kms there and enjoyed a great lunch then 21kms home. 
Was a great day.

Trail riding

Friday 8th Oct

First km's

Saturday 2nd Oct
Today C and I put on the socks and pedaled 18km's to kick off our 200 in Oct. 

It was a steady easy ride, hopefully we both increase our average time over the month.

Thanks again for motivating us to do this. 

There'll be a few family rides as well throughout the month.

They have arrived

Monday 27th Sep
My Red Kidney Socks arrived this week and I took them on my first adventure - a walk along the rocks an the bay. It was a good warm up and I think they will enjoy riding the 200 kms over the next month.

They feel really good, but not as good as the warmth and care that we have felt through the generosity of our supporters. Thank you so much for your generosity in your donations, but moreso the generosity of friendship, love and support.  It does mean the world to us knowing that while we walk this journey,  we are not alone.

Thank you seems to little for the gifts that you bring.

Thank you to my Sponsors


The Currys

Awsome work Stu. You're doing a great thing mate.



A little boost in your race up the leader board. But really we know you have bigger mountains you are climbing at the moment. Or maybe we should say rivers to paddle. Wishing you God's strength in the years ahead.



Sold my bike yesterday and as the guy was paying with payid which is linked to my charity account. As I like a bit of competition, I told him half would be going to your cause. Not enough to get your team to the top of the leaderboard but maybe you. Stay strong my man and have a great day.




Sharon/ron Mason

With you all the way Stu!!!


The Cole Family

So much strength, faith and inspiration in the words you’ve shared Stu. Praying blessing upon blessing over you, Kristi and your family. x


Phillip Leighton-daly


Ken Berry

Love ya Stu. You're an inspiration.


Suan Lee Campbell

Do I get a pair of no carbon foot print red socks? 😄


Lesley Holmes

Cheering for you from here!! Go Red Socks!


Lauren & Ewan Saunders

We love you Stu.




Bill Wilson

Knock your socks off!


Made Whole

You are a legend


Stu Mckenzie


Heidi Wilson


Morgan Kneider-patterson


Michelle & Glenn Brien


Gllian Dunlop


Quentin Smith

all the best with the fundraiser from the Smith Clan. Q


Redman Family





Good work you are doing, sir!


A Partin

I support this cause . Good on ya for doing this xx



Love you Brother, your a fighter and one of the bravest guys I know!


Melissa Dobney

Good job guys


Matt Baker

All the best Stu!


Declan Guiney

Go Coben and Stu. Have fun riding around!



Miss your family tremendously. Continually praying for you all! You all have a big place in my heart. All my love Bec Curtis (Molesworth) Kelsey’s friend!


Harry Moore




Xav Jones

Go Stu and COBEN!!!!! Love from Xav, Zoe and Emma xxx