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My Red Socks Walk for Kidney Health. Small Steps to make a BIG difference.

I am taking part in the Red Socks Walk on Sunday 10th October for my beautiful mother who has battled since she was 10 years old, received a transplant from her sister, all for her kidneys to again fail a few years ago after many health complications. The absolute strongest and most determined women I know. Mum has unconsciously shown me how important life really is, to be grateful and present for every moment, surround yourself with only those that bring value to your life and most of all she has taught me absolute selflessness - after every single hurdle that is thrown her way, she still manages to put every person before herself. Not only would my mum and I hold an immense amount of gratitude for any person that was able to make any sort of donation towards kidney disease and it’s research, the nurses that work day in and day out to care for dialysis patients and support their families would too! 

Did you know that you can lose up to 90% of kidney function before having any symptoms. Once your kidneys reach failure, there is no cure. Dialysis or kidney transplant are the only options to stay alive. I’ll be pulling up my RED SOCKS to walk in solidarity with the 25,000 people who are currently living with kidney failure.  

Please donate to my page and you’ll be helping Kidney Health Australia not only support the kidney community but help raise awareness of early detection and knowing your kidney risk. 

YOU can make a difference. Let me know if you want to join me at the RED SOCKS WALK! 

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Good job Yeti


Kailey Hamill


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Good on you Kailey, doing this for your mum and many others…this is an exceptional cause to fund raise for.


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Well done kailey keep up the good work cheers pat


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Proud of you! x


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Love your work guys, great cause!


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