Why We Need You

Kidney Health Red Socks Appeal

Every year, tens of thousands of Australians suffering from kidney disease have to spend countless hours hooked up to a dialysis machine to clean their blood and stay alive.

The Kidney Health Red Socks Appeal was launched in November 2020 to help raise awareness of a lesser known fact about kidney disease treatment – cold feet are a common side effect when undergoing dialysis.

As part of the Red Socks Appeal, we invite you to join a flagship or community Red Socks Walk, take on a challenge in your red socks, or simply purchase our Kidney Health Australia Red Socks to support families living with kidney disease. However you choose to support Red Socks Appeal, you will become part of an important new conversation about kidney disease, and how it affects those suffering from it.

Kidney Health Australia

We are the peak body for kidney health in Australia. For over 50 years, we have been providing trustworthy and up-to-date resources and support to help people manage their kidney health.

We strive to create a healthier community through increased awareness and early detection of kidney disease. We connect kidney patients to vital resources and services to help them manage their condition and achieve a better quality of life.

Key challenges

On average, 63 people die every day with kidney related disease

One in ten Australian adults has signs of kidney disease.

1.5 million people are unaware they have the early markers of kidney disease

90% of kidney function can be lost without any symptoms - it is a silent killer.

There is no cure for kidney disease

Case study

Seb and Raph

Brothers Seb, 20 years old and Raph, 9 years old were born with congenital nephrotic syndrome – Finnish type. They have lived with kidney disease their whole life. They received lifesaving kidney transplants from their parents and have suffered countless operations, blood tests and dialysis sessions.

With the support of the Kidney Kids and Youth Program, Seb and Raph have been supported throughout their journey. They have made lifelong friends and connected to others just like them.

“These activities were so important to me as it showed me that I was not alone. I made friends really fast and never had to explain myself. It’s important to have friends that understand exactly what you are going through.” Seb.

For more information, visit kidney.org.au